Cunningly Good Guide to… using Mail Drops

With more people opting to work from home as a result of the pandemic, mail drop marketing has had something of a renaissance over the last year where advertisers look to target their messaging more geographically or reach audiemces who are less mobile as a result of changing patterns of behaviour. Our cunningly good team have always been great fans of the Royal Mail Door to Door service, and have managed many successful campaigns in that time. We caught up with them to find out the low down on what makes a mail drop an effective form of marketing.

In a nutshell: 

It’s a cost-effective way of targeting potential customers in a specific geographical area.  

Effort must be put into the design of your marketing material to grab the attention of its recipient.

It lends itself as much to local businesses such as take-ways and home delivery services as it does to national organisations and mail order products.  

What are mail drops?

A mail drop is marketing collateral, such as flyers, catalogues, or brochures, which get delivered straight through the letterboxes of potential customers, usually within a certain geographical area. 

Why use mail drops?

Mail drops are a way of targeting customers within a postcode who are more likely to respond to your product or service. This is most beneficial if your product or service is hyper-local, such as a hairdresser or a beauty salon. Mail drops are especially relevant to fast food and home delivery businesses. Visual attractiveness and an attention-grabbing headline are a must, so readers are engaged straight away and are less likely to put your flyer or brochure in the bin. 

 What are the benefits of mail drops?

You can target the areas where your customers are most likely to live and therefore are most likely to respond to your product or service. A mail drop allows customers to physically see what your product or service is and how they can go about ordering or buying this.

Mail drops also allow you to include special offers which can be used to entice potential customers to use your service and we recommend you do this and attach something to make your offer stand out from the rest. It is something that can be kept by a potential customer at home which can be referred to when the time arises, such as that desire for an Indian takeaway on a Friday night.

It is a relatively cost-effective way of marketing your business, but you must make it work hard once it is in the home of a prospective customer. People resent junk mail and will only respond to flyers that speak to them directly. Larger catalogues tend to be kept and read so while it may feel more cost effective to keep your artwork to a miminal size, for a small additional cost you can make it considerably more effective by scalign it up.

What are the things to consider?

If you would like to chat about how mail drops could benefit your business, as part of your overall marketing activity, please get in touch with our team on 01738 658187.