One brief. One team. One vision.

Collaborating. Right across the Marketing Mix.

We work with our clients as an extension of their own team to create integrated, insightful and imaginative marketing.

From the initial brief to launch across multiple media channels, you can count on our experienced team to collaborate, communicate and confidently deliver results.

Your customers don’t just exist in a bubble. Media is everywhere.

They flip from social media to television, glancing at today’s newspaper as they pass the breakfast table, checking their instagram and their emails as they eat their breakfast.

If your customer consumes multiple media simultaneously, then it’s ever more important that your marketing mix addresses that and that your agency can work across channels easily.

Experienced professionals. Across disciplines.


So much of today’s marketing landscape is tactical. Sell more of this, sell more of that. But solid marketing strategies build long term, sustainable growth. They systematically cut out the waste in your marketing budget, driving up your return on investment. They seek to continually increase your customer base while driving down the cost of acquisition. They build brands, with real value. And they build businesses, with real stickability.

We can help you with that. We’re cunningly good at doing that, in fact.

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Whether it’s a new brand identity, or a refresh, Cunningly Good Design’s creatives will guide you through the whole process and have you looking tip top in no time.

With award-winning expertise in creating artwork for publications, marketing materials, food packaging and websites, our creatives know just how to help you present your brand to the world. It’s not just the big things that matter in business, the little things do too. Whether it’s a range of branded case studies, exhibition stands, a humble business card, or a fresh beer can design, you can trust in our experience to get it right.

With decades of combined print buying expertise right at the heart of our den, you can be confident that when it comes to print your beautiful designs, we’ll also know the right printers for the job, no matter how specialist it might be.

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All our websites are built in-house by our web team who will work closely with you to bring your ideas and visions to life.

We never off-shore our development work and we build on open source platforms so that your website is as flexible as we can make it. Your site will be mobile, tablet and desktop ready when it goes live and, once it’s live, we’ll look after it for you and protect your website investment, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

We take our work on your website very seriously – that’s why we’re a Flywheel Gold Partner and Cyber Essentials accredited – and we have  a range of pricing solutions that fits all budgets.

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Our multi-award winning communications team are adept at handling everything from new product launches to responding to a crisis.

We have a proven track record of working with businesses to develop and protect their reputations using our media contacts and communications experience in print, digital, and broadcast media. From day one you’ll be working with a team of senior and highly experienced PR professionals whose knowledge of the media is second to none, and who are dedicated to achieving results for your business.

And if it’s not all good news? We have dedicated specialists in crisis communications who have handled the media in any number of situations including workplace accidents, environmental disasters, business closures, incidents of sabotage, redundancies and police inquiries.

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Sector Expertise. When you need it most.

Food & Drink

Our cunningly good expertise in food and drink spans a diverse range of industries including whisky, beer, gin, juice, salmon, sugar and even an energy bar! From packaging and brand design, to campaign development and delivery, public relations support and trade sales support materials, you’ll find everything you need under one roof at the Cunningly Good Group.

We’ll also be honest, here. We enjoy tasting our clients products too….. bring samples!!

Tourism & Leisure

Visitor attractions, hotels, bed & breakfasts, destination marketing campaigns, you name it  – we’ve done it. When it comes to welcoming visitors to some of Scotland’s biggest attractions or most popular hotels, the Cunningly Good Group has been at the forefront of putting them on the map for many years.

If you are looking to drive uptake of capacity, increase yield per visitor and really put your visitor attraction on the map, give us a call. Our tourism and leisure marketing experts would be delighted to have a chat about how Cunningly Good Group can help you grow your tourism business.

Major Events

If you are looking for an event marketing company with chops, you’ve definitely in the right place. The Cunningly Good Group is the only agency in Scotland to win the Scottish Event Awards’ Best Marketing Strategy title three times, and we have a string of other awards in this arena to our name. Our expertise in driving footfall to events is second to none, so if you’ve got a big number to hit, give us a call and we’ll help you get more bang for your buck.

From event launches to established events, we have a proven track record and award winning approach of putting bums on seats of some of Scotland’s biggest events that span arts, comedy, outdoors, sports and festivals.

Third Sector

A great many of the Cunningly Good Group’s clients have been third sector organisations and charities. We’re very proud of the work that we deliver for this sector because it can make such a difference to the lives of so many individuals.

From fundraising drives to major fundraising events, the Cunningly Good Group has been at the forefront of working with some of the biggest charitable trusts, charities and not for profit organisations’ missions to help people who are disadvantaged, build operating theatres for children, drive uptake of the living wage in Scotland, support and develop the arts and support people who are facing life threatening illnesses.

If you need agency support for your next mission, give us a call and we’ll work some cunningly good® magic together.

Professional Services

Cunningly Good Group has worked in the professional services sector for many years, with particular expertise in the marketing of solicitors, accountants, engineering firms, training and development providers and surveyors.

We understand the nuances of promoting a consistent and quality brand, and in driving an awareness of thought leadership in these markets. From brand design, to website development, social media management to public relations, we have a diverse range of experience that will help develop your professional services firm to the next level.

The Built Environment

The built environment surrounds us and Cunningly Good Group has been immersed in it for years. Working with property developers and organisations in the construction industry, we know what it takes to create the right position for your development, whether it’s halls of residence for students, or a Grade A office development that uses the latest advances in technology.

Cunningly Good Group has worked with a wide range of clients operating in the built environment to develop their branding, enhance their reputations, engage with customers and build their businesses.

Flexible delivery. Just how you like it.

We have a responsive approach to how we work. When it comes to marketing, there’s no “one size fits all” approach – everything should be specific to your business, not someone else’s. This means that every delivery plan is different, every strategy unique. We’re here to make you stand out, not fit in. There is, however, some common approaches to how we operate which are outlined below.

Cunningly good® retainers

For activity that is going to take longer than 3 months, we recommend working with us on a retainer basis. This usually means we agree a set monthly fee in return for a set amount of time per month and we both commit to having an ongoing business relationship which will strengthen as we both get to know each other better. This is our most popular method of working, allowing you to control your investment and for us to easily manage our time and resources to deliver the ongoing work.

Cunningly good® projects.

Some activities have clearly defined parameters and lend themselves best to a project format. As a general rule of thumb, a project tends to have deliverables that can be achieved within a 3 month period. This might be, for example, the development of a website, the creation of a marketing strategy or designing a new brand. When you engage the Cunningly Good Group to deliver a project we’ll agree a price with you based on what you want to achieve, how long it will take, and what the key deliverables are.

Cunningly good® PAYG.

If you’re not sure what it’s going to take, then don’t worry, we also work on a “Pay as you Go” basis too. It’s a slightly more costly way of working as it requires us to suddenly make resources available to meet your deadlines with very little planning and while we can’t always guarantee we will have resource available to do the work, however it can offer you a high degree of flexibility in resourcing up and down as you see fit. Examples of services that may be delivered on a Pay as you Go basis include Crisis Management, Emergency Sickness/Holiday Cover, or when you are not sure how long it might take.

Cunningly good® combos.

Believe it or not, we have clients who work with us using all three approaches! Often they have a base retainer in place which gives them a base level of coverage, then they dip into some of our other services on a PAYG basis – like one off design projects – and then they will also engage in longer projects – like season campaign delivery or bigger web development projects.

Ultimately it comes down to finding the right approach for your business and which gives you the agility to respond to market demands and opportunities as they arise.