Cunningly Good® Marketing Strategy

Standout Impact. Exceptional Results.

As a marketing agency, we’re a naturally curious team and we’ll seek out the unexpected to deliver cunningly good results for our clients who are located right across Scotland and the UK. At the heart of driving exceptional results is a cunning strategy that outsmarts the competition, and which is agile enough to adapt to the evolving needs of your business.

So much of today’s marketing landscape is tactical. Sell more of this, sell more of that. But solid marketing strategies build long term, sustainable growth. Great marketers systematically cut out the waste in your marketing budget, driving up your return on investment. They seek to continually increase your customer base while driving down the cost of acquisition. Even better, they build brands, with real value. And they build businesses, with real stickability.

Cunningly Good Group has strategy at the heart of its marketing campaigns. And that’s not just lip service. We’re qualified, experienced and effective. We have proven track records at delivering marketing results for clients and in setting strategies that change the course of businesses towards success trajectories.

Marketing Strategy

Making every single pound of your marketing budget work is a mighty goal but, with a strategic and integrated approach, we can make any budget last the distance.

Our approach is based on years of experience as one of Scotland’s leading independent marketing agencies, day to day understanding of the media landscape and an ability to deliver exceptional (and very often award-winning) results.

Marketing Services

So what’s the value of making us your outsourced marketing department or marketing agency?

The success of any marketing strategy is embedded within its implementation. When everything is managed under one roof, your customers are more likely to get the message, and your marketing is likely to be more effective as a result.

We call this an “integrated communications” approach.

Brand Strategy

Brands outlive products. Brands are valuable. A brand is the only commercial marketing asset you can put onto your business balance sheet.

More than just a logo, brands have personality, a voice, style and a consistency that consumers come to rely on. If you are looking to build a strong brand, Cunningly Good Group can help you develop the tone, consistency and visual impact that will endure.

Media Planning

As a modern marketing agency, we keep ourselves bang up to date with the latest media trends in Scotland, and work to combine them with the tried and tested marketing methods to design marketing campaigns that spell true success for your business.

With specialist and experienced buying skills and exceptional strategic direction in-house, we know we can get you more bang for your media buck.

Insights & Measurements

What if the old adage was true? That 50% of your advertising budget worked, you just weren’t sure which 50%. Imagine if that was closer to 100%.

At Cunningly Good Group we are the kind of marketing agency that measures fastidiously and knows when your marketing efforts are working for you and, most importantly, when to change the marketing mix.

Digital Strategy

The allure of marketing via digital channels is undeniable. Planned and executed well, it can deliver spectacular returns on investment.

The secret is to apply the right message on the right channel at the right time and, critically, combine your activities to amplify the impact. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you to focus on the most strategically profitable areas.

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