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If you’ve come to this page, chances are you’re looking for a “bit of publicity” and you want to raise your profile. Cunningly Good Group’s communications experts are always working to drive coverage, both print and digital, for our clients. With expertise in print, digital and broadcast coverage, you’re in good hands if you have a message to deliver and need professional help in managing the delivery and making those all important connections.

An experienced communications team is worth its weight in gold.

Our communications experts deliver creative, insightful and successful communications that transform businesses, drive behavioural changes and stimulate engagement. Our award winning communications work spans bespoke publications to winning regional campaigns and, as a blended agency, our strength lies in being able to offer a seamless and integrated communications service for clients.

We’re not just good, we are Cunningly Good. Get in touch with us today and let us help you tell your story to the world.

Public Relations

If your company has something to say then you shouldn’t be held back from making sure your message gets across.

As a company we have experience in driving positive and response generating media coverage for our clients online, in print and in broadcast media as well as handling crisis communications when the times call for it.

Press Launches

Planning to make a big splash? Then you’ve come to the right place. Cunningly Good Group has extensive experience in planning and co-ordinating press launches for products, services and locations. Whether it’s a Royal Visit, an MP officially opening your premises or a launch stunt that catches the attention of the media, we’ve got the credentials you’re looking for to help it hit the headlines.

PR Photography

A picture may be worth a thousand words, so if you’re looking for an agency who’s adept at getting the right kind of imagery into the media, then look no further. The Cunningly Good Group works with a hand picked selection of some of Scotland’s best press photographers, and we’re known for getting results. From front page splashes, to double page spreads, we know exactly what the media are looking for in an image and just how to get it.

Blog Writing

Cunningly Good Group’s been writing blogs for more than a decade, long before they became fashionable. An effective communications tool, a blog is a really fantastic way to generate content for your own website and also act as the foundation for potential press coverage. Cunningly Good Group’s team of writers know just how to position the content for online, and repurpose it for press use.

Crisis Communications

When the worst happens it is usually unexpected, and you will need calm, skilled professionals on your side to manage the communications during the crisis. Cunningly Good Group’s senior level crisis communications experts have helped our clients manage and mitigate a wide range of incidents, from sabotage to mass redundancies. We’ve been with them, at the eye of the media storm, ensuring that the messaging is calm, controlled and consistent.

Our expertise can also be used in forward planning for crisis response, risk mitigation and the training of senior client personnel to prepare for crisis situations and in engaging with the media.

Event Management

A well planned, exquisitely executed event can launch your brand, boost your sales and help build solid relationships with existing clients and potential clients. Events are in Cunningly Good Group’s DNA. Our team has experience of delivering 1000s of events across the UK, from small informal networking events, to large scale world-record breaking speed networking events, to more formal conferences and awards ceremonies.

Media Monitoring

Needing to keep an eye on what the media are saying about your company or even your industry? Cunningly Good Group offers a range of media monitoring services that vary from the basic tracking of coverage, to a more robust analysis of media sentiment and reporting trends.

Internal Communications

Internal audiences can be just as tricky to communicate with as external audiences, and sometimes considerably more important for your brand impact. Cunningly Good Group is experienced in working with organisations to develop and enhance their internal communications whether through the development of company intranets, internal publications and events, or developing a communications strategy that will enhance your employer brand.


Looking to create a publication that has a delicate mix of editorial and design? Then you’ve come to the right shop – Cunningly Good Group’s editorial experience is embedded within our team who can handle anything from an 8 page booklet to a 52 page magazine. With both the editorial and design team in house, we’re in a fortunate position to make the process of publication smooth and simple for clients, taking care of everything from start to finish, including print and distribution.

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