Climate Solutions Network

The Climate Solutions Network in partnership with The Royal Scottish Geographical Society has developed an online course which offers a simple and quick way to gain significant understanding of one of the defining issues of our generation. It will help prepare you and your organisation for change; it will highlight where that change is most needed and where the opportunities lie.

With the product already launched, the brief from the client was to deliver a website which showcased the Climate Solutions course allowing people to find it, understand it and enrol. The product video had to take centre stage and the inclusion of recommendations from world figures had to be included to bring authenticity to the product.

Our Cunningly Good Websites team built a clean and fresh website incorporating the colours of the existing brand along with images stock images portraying the theme of climate change. Social media links were added to the site along with important back links to partners of the scheme.

The website was up and running quickly allowing the client to launch the training product publicly.