Climate Solutions

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society approached the Cunningly Good Group to refresh their Climate Solutions Network website three years after it originally launched.

The climate solutions course they were promoting had expanded in options during that time.  They had recently invested in a rebrand to support new course options and materials. It was important that the website also reflected the new course options on offer.

The challenge: the timescales were very tight. Our website development agency only had about a week from finalising the new course content for the website to the relaunch campaign. And there was a bank holiday weekend in between!

The pressure was on for our Perth based developers to turn around a new website at pace. Expanding the existing website and creating several new pages, a new navigation structure, implementing the rebranding and refreshing the visual content on the site.

Cunningly Good Group pulled out all the stops to deliver the new website in time for the new campaign to go live.