Cameron and Greig – Veterinary Surgeons

Cameron & Grieg Vets approached the Cunningly Good Group to refresh their website several years after it originally launched.

An outdated website which was difficult to update and keep functional was causing difficulties. The business had also evolved and it was important that the website also reflected the range of veterinary services on offer.

Our Perth based website developers  used the existing website as a content template. They then refreshed both the design and the technology behind the site to create a modern site that is both mobile and desktop friendly.

The new site development included implementation of GA4 analytics tracking. Additional to that we ensured a fresh submission to Google Search Console to relist the site with the world’s number one search engine. Within 2 weeks of relaunching, the site’s position in Google had jumped from the average position of 35 in search results to an average of 22, with a high of 5.  The expertise of our website developers ensured the continuation of improved search results.