Digitay – The Tay Cities Region Digital Skills Project

The Client

The Tay Cities Region Deal Digital Skills project is part of a £20 million investment. This is under the Regional Skills and Employability Development Programme funded by the Scottish Government. Intended to identify and plug the digital skills gaps where they exist across the region.

The Project

The Cunningly Good Group was appointed by the Tay Cities Region Deal Digital Skills Project in September 2023 to provide several marketing services over a six-month period. A new website, logo and branding were required for the project’s launch due to take place on 7 November 2023. This was at Abertay University CyberQuarter in the presence of the project’s key stakeholders. In addition we were to develop a promotional video, marketing assets and social media and digital marketing.

Our market leading design and digital agency worked closely with the client, Fife Council who were the lead partner on the project.  We created the ‘Digitay’ brand for the project. ‘Digitay’ is a combination of the words Digital and Tay to reflect the purpose of the digital skills project and to represent the Tay Cities region.

The term ‘Digi’ is a playful reference to where the project originates.  Referencing the Scots’ pronounced vernacular for the phrase “Did you…?”. In Scots language “Did ye…”, is pronounced the same as Digi. The Digitay logo incorporates a visual of the River Tay, again a nod to where the project is based.

The Results

For the project launch, our website developers created the Digitay website. Intended as a point of reference for any digital skills training that is taking place in the Tay Cities region and carrying information on the project itself and its partners. The Cunningly Good design team also created a presentation slide deck and marketing materials including roller banners and business cards.

Digitay wanted a sustained online presence and to drive awareness and users to their market leading website, so we established two social media channels for the project, on LinkedIn and Facebook. We created content for these two channels by producing monthly social media plans and digital marketing assets. These ensure a consistent online social media presence, highlighting useful information and directing users to the website to find out more.